like mod python but in the kernel????

David M. Wilson at
Sat Feb 7 18:39:13 CET 2004

Camilo Olarte <colarte at> wrote...

> I mean can python interpreter be loaded as module of the kernel and thus 
> making execution of python scripts faster ???

> I know that pypy is on the way , probably making python execution faster.

That's an interesting conclusion. :)

> Just daydreaming of this python kernel module stuff.

There is probably a lot of things you can check before assuming you
need some sort of acceleration, eg. the basics: are all the packages &
modules your application uses compiled? Are the pycs up to date?
Google for

Is the (your) application doing an insane amount of work at startup,
like reading a massive XML configuration file? Perhaps you could speed
that up by caching the loaded configuration as Python syntax in a new
file, or some other means that would make loading faster.



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