6 Qustions about Python: Does it do GUI? more...

Will k4bda at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 13 15:30:29 CET 2004

I just discovered Python and looked briefly at one of the tutorials 
for beginners...

It looks a lot like the old Command line Basic... I'm sure it does 
much more but...

1 - Can you create windows, buttons, user input fields, etc as you 
can with Visual Basic?

2 - Can you call Windows Procedures or what ever they call them 
these days?

3 - Can you create your own objects with a bunch of methods and 

4 - Can you create a Windows program that looks and feels like a 
Windows program?

5 - Does it come with a compiler or must the user have the 
interpreter on their machine?

6 - Why another language? Easier than C or C++ or Visual C ?? More 
powerful than Visual Basic or the competing Borland productg?? Why 

I'm interested as I never really took the time to become much of a C 
programmer (or C++ or Visual C) - I've done lot's of assembly 
language/embedded processor stuff & years ago Basic and some Visual 
Basic... before .net... and wondered if Python would do me for some 
projects I have always wanted to do?

Thanks for any info.


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