_ssl.pyd in py2exe ???

Thomas Heller theller at python.net
Mon Feb 23 11:00:18 CET 2004

michael at foord.net (Fuzzyman) writes:

> Peter Strempel <peterstrempel at yahoo.com> wrote in message news:<isrkg1-q33.ln1 at ID-66900.news.dfncis.de>...
>> Fuzzyman wrote:
>> > large........ but why on earth in an anagram finder is _ssl.pyd (500k)
>> > being bundled in with it ???
>> You probably have some dependency on socket somewhere, which pullsin the ssl
>> module.
> It jumbles up words and displays the results in a Tk window...........
> Which is why I'm surprised to see an SSL library there...
> My imports are :
> import string, os.path, sys
> from cPickle import dump, load
> from copy import copy, deepcopy
> from time import clock, strftime
> from webbrowser import open as openbrow
> try:
>     import psyco            # python specialising compiler
>     psyco.full()
> except:
>     pass
> from Tkinter import *
> from tkFileDialog import asksaveasfilename, askopenfilename
> from tkMessageBox import showerror
> None of which *should* be dependant on the SSL library...........

_ssl is imported by the httplib and socket modules.
socket is imported by a lot of modules, webbrowser among them, so this
is explained.

If you are sure your program never uses socket (or _ssl), you should use
py2exe's excludes option to avoid that these are included.


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