XML Parsing

Tim Roberts timr at probo.com
Thu Feb 19 08:27:47 CET 2004

"Nick Efford" <nick at no.spam.org> wrote:

>On Mon, 16 Feb 2004 23:45:16 +0000, James Kew wrote:
>> "Chris Herborth" <chrish at cryptocard.com> wrote:
>>> PyXML on Sourceforge (http://pyxml.sourceforge.net/) has faster
>>> DOM-producing routines.
>> Which are? I like PyXML, but well-documented it ain't.
>What about O'Reilly's "Python and XML"?...

For what it's worth, I thought this was a great book.  I had done lots of
Python but no serious XML work before reading it; someone with a deeper
background might have a different view.
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