Learning Python on jEdit

Sean Ross sross at connectmail.carleton.ca
Tue Feb 24 02:24:00 CET 2004

"Jarek Zgoda" <jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl> wrote in message
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> jEdit detects file type by extension, so Python syntax highlighting
> will not work until you save the file with py or pyw extension.

Actually you can set the edit mode manually as well:


The edit mode can be specified manually as well. The current buffer's edit
mode can be set on a one-time basis in the Utilities>Buffer Options dialog

Plus you can set the default edit mode to python, so that when you create a
new file it's already in python-mode.


You may want to use the plug-in manager[1] to get the console plug-in so you
can run your programs from within the IDE. You may also appreciate the
Jython plug-in. Peronally, I like having the BufferTabs plug-in as well. I
actually tend to use Komodo for Python, but I have jEdit installed for
programming in several other languages and I'm pretty happy with it. Enjoy.


[1] http://www.jedit.org/users-guide/using-plugins.html

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