Executing a file remotely

Hank soundwave56 at yahoo.ca
Thu Feb 12 23:46:54 CET 2004

This is strictly for automated software testing on windows. Test
scripts on one machine, application under test on another machine.
This is why i need to run files remotely.

I couldn't find any specific python code that would do the job, so I
just use PsExec from www.sysinternals.com. I wouldn't consider it as a
security breach because it does require user name and password.


Ben Finney <bignose-hates-spam at and-benfinney-does-too.id.au> wrote in message news:<slrnc2ljem.16j.bignose-hates-spam at rose.localdomain.fake>...
> On Thu, 12 Feb 2004 00:29:42 -0000, Cameron Laird wrote:
> > I believe soundwave56 is focused on Windows hosts.  There, the correct
> > initial answer to, "how would I execute a file remotely?" is, through
> > a security breach.
> No, the correct answer (on any operating system) is "through a
> remote-execution facility".  "Security breach" is dependent on the
> security policy in place; remote execution can be a perfectly
> permissible operation, or a serious breach of security, depending on
> the specific circumstances and what the security policy allows.
> > That's a serious answer.  Operating systems are not *supposed* to
> > allow "outsiders" to execute processes.
> Utter rot.  Operating systems are supposed to do what the person owning
> the hardware tells them to do.
> Whether "outsiders" are allowed to execute programs on the operating
> system is entirely dependent on how you define "outsiders".  Some
> operating systems are designed to treat remote users and local users
> identically; on such systems, "outsider" is not a function of "remote or
> local", but rather "permitted or not permitted".
> On other operating systems, multiple-user and networking is a bolt-on
> afterthought, and an unnecessary line is drawn between local and remote
> users.  The availability of smooth, simple remote-execution facilities
> on such operating systems will likely be poor.

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