Installation problem on Windows 98

Kurt B. Kaiser kbk at
Tue Feb 17 04:25:55 CET 2004

kent at (Kent Tong) writes:

> I've installed Python 2.3 using the Windows installer downloaded
> from I'm using Win98. The installation process went
> well without any problem.  However, double-clicking the "IDLE
> (Python GUI)" does nothing. The cursor changes to a hour-glass for
> about 1 second and then nothing happens. The "Python (command line)"
> works.

The current Python CVS has improvements which make it easier to track
down problems when IDLE is having trouble setting itself up.  One
improvement is to have Tk post a dialog describing the error, another
is better error messages.  (These changes were also added to the
IDLEfork CVS.)

That isn't much help to you, I'm afraid.  To see the error in 2.3.3,
you will need to start IDLE using a command window.

Open a command window, then:

\python23\python.exe -i \python23\lib\idlelib\

and let us know what you see.

Note that I didn't use pythonw.exe or idle.pyw!

It is likely a firewall or network setup problem.  To run IDLE
without the subprocess:

\python23\python.exe  \python23\lib\idlelib\ -n

but it's much nicer with the subprocess execution server.


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