ANN : JyRetic EAI Server 1.0RC3 released

Alexander DEJANOVSKI alexander.dejanovski at
Fri Feb 27 09:05:30 CET 2004

JyRetic 1.0RC3 was just released.

Changes are (I might have forgotten some bug fixes):

- Bug fix : Scheduled events didn't work if no parameter file was required
- Improvement : Speeded up SQL source when there were several records to 
extract (~x10)
- Improvement : since JDBC drivers return rowcount on query execution, 
there's no need
		(as there was in Python) to execute a count(*) for each query (which was 
automatically done).
		This gives drastical speed improvements (and works for all types of query)
- New : XindiceSource component. Perform XPath queries on Xindice 
Collections as data source.
- New : DateMetadata preprocessor.
- New : Jabber Postprocessor
- New : SMTP Postprocessor
- New : The adaptor class is now fully Java compatible and can thus be 
instantiated from a Java prog. (I'll bundle a Jar distribution to achieve 
this properly)
- New : Adaptors execution tracking is now stored into a HSQLDB embedded 
server => faster and more reliable communications with server
===== Note =========
- Improvement : SQLTree and SQLTreePlus sources have evolved in 
parent/child link strategy. Pre-existing adaptors won't work anymore.
                 Please refer to the doc in order to know how to modify 
your adaptors.

Retic Administrator 1.2 was released too !!

Changes are :

Note : Upgrade to JyRetic 1.0RC3 at least or expect problems in server/gui 

- Improvement : Use of hourglass cursor while performing communications 
with server
- New feature : Added the "Copy periodicity" button on recurrent events 
- Improvement : Use of tabs in schedule and execution tracking to improve 
- Bug fix : Adaptors opened from server didn't display correctly 
(preprocessors, postprocessors)
- Great new feature : Now the adaptor designer can open several adaptors at 
the same time, using tabs.
- New : Added new informations about adaptors in execution tracking :
	Polls executed so far, Polls left, Messages treated so far, Messages left, 
Message treatment rate, Estimated poll end.
- Improvement : GUI layout reworked a bit for better legibility (separated 
Adaptor/param lists and execution tracking)


Retic is an EAI Server.
The aim is to permit applications to communicate, even if they
don't speak the same language (which means transport protocols
as well as data structures).
This is done by building adaptors. An adaptor is composed of :
         - One source
         - Several pipes (process data transformations)
         - Several sinks (destination of data)
         - Several loggers (using log4j)
         - Preprocessors (executed only once before adaptor execution - for 
example => drop/create a table through a SQL query)
         - Postprocessors (executed only once after adaptor execution - for 
example => creation of an index on a table through a SQL query)

It is written in Jython and works 100% fine with only Java 1.3+ installed 
on your system (jython 2.1 is embedded in the releases).
It provides connectivity with : JMS, HTTP, SOAP, UDDI, FTP, Xindice, JDBC, 
Jabber, SMTP and more...


Enjoy !!

PS : I'd need some help to restart the Python version of Retic. Anyone 
interested in contributing should contact me. 

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