6 Qustions about Python: Does it do GUI? more...

Todd V. Rovito rovitotv at rovitotv.org
Fri Feb 13 16:38:15 CET 2004

Thus spoke Will (k4bda at yahoo.com):
> I just discovered Python and looked briefly at one of the tutorials 
> for beginners...
> It looks a lot like the old Command line Basic... I'm sure it does 
> much more but...
Python does not resemble basic to me at all. The only thing that is
similar is the interpreter interface.  Personally I really like
interpreters I think the development cycle is faster, this conclusion
comes from years of development work in Matlab, PERL, and basic.
> 1 - Can you create windows, buttons, user input fields, etc as you 
> can with Visual Basic?
Yes, look for information on Tkinter interfaces.

> 3 - Can you create your own objects with a bunch of methods and 
> properties?
Yes python is fully OO.

> 4 - Can you create a Windows program that looks and feels like a 
> Windows program?
Yes, the nice thing is your program will also run on Unix and Mac.

> 5 - Does it come with a compiler or must the user have the 
> interpreter on their machine?
Look at py2exe for windows.  This program works pretty good.
> 6 - Why another language? Easier than C or C++ or Visual C ?? More 
> powerful than Visual Basic or the competing Borland productg?? Why 
> Python?
Some of the things I like about Python:
0) It comes with batteries.  Which means that all the libraries are bundled
with it so I don't have to install addons to perform FTP, HTTP, or SMTP

1) I really like C/C++ but I hate dealing with memory allocation, python
handles all memory allocation automatically.  Included with Python are many
built in data structures, such as list (like a linked list).

2) Once you get used to the column based structure you will realize how much
time it will save you from counting your "{,}"

The list could go on but these are the important ones.

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