How to obscure a password

Lucas Raab pythongnome at
Thu Feb 26 22:46:08 CET 2004

The only problem with using rotor, is that, given the time, someone could
decrypt the password file by using the encrypted form and guessing the key.

"Rene Pijlman" < at> wrote in
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> Batista, Facundo:
> >So, is there a module to obscure the password text in a secure way?
> You can only obscure a password in an obscure way, not in a secure way.
> >I can't hash it (with md5 or something), because I not need to compare
> >password the user enters with a previous one.
> >
> >I need to restore the password later and use it as if the user just
> >it.
> I use rotor for that.
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> René Pijlman

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