Internet-scale distributed computing?

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>Failing to find any obvious references with some googling, I turn to the
>Python folks who have lots of information about lots of different
>application domains.
>I'm sure many of you are aware of SETI at Home, Folding at Home and Google
>Compute, all tools to tackle certain large computational problems on an
>Internet scale, typically by soaking up unused cycles on otherwise idle
>computers.  A bit of googling didn't turn up any others, so I'm wondering:
>    1. Are there other active projects similar to SETI at Home or Folding at Home?
>    2. Are there tools available to make it easier to build such
>       applications?

It's not clear whether you're trying to place this in a specifically
Python context.  If yes, I don't know much, but I'd recommend looking at
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