an ingrate newbie complains

Elaine Jackson elainejackson7355 at
Wed Feb 4 18:18:55 CET 2004

I have some minor complaints about the Python language, and I'm interested to
know how other people feel about them. Here they are:

1) I find the following behavior puzzling and disappointing:

>>> X=[(1,1),(2,4),(3,9),(4,16),(5,25)]
>>> Y=dict(X)
>>> Z=list(Y)
>>> Z==X
>>> Z==Y.keys()

2) How come you can't write...

if y = f(x) > 3:
    <do a bunch of things with x and y> an equivalent of...

y = f(x)
if y > 3:
    <do a bunch of things with x and y>


That kind of syntax would be especially welcome in list comprehensions:

[f(x,y) for x in list if y=g(x)<=0]

If g(x) is a fairly complicated expression, and y occurs several times in
f(x,y), considerable clarity could be gained.

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