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Alan Kennedy alanmk at
Wed Feb 11 20:39:43 CET 2004

[Martin v. Löwis]
>>>> If a parser prints a message "not a valid 8-bit XML character", 
>>>> then it can't be an XML parser. XML does not have a notion even
>>>> remotely related to "8-bit characters".

[Peter Hansen]
>>> Aren't we talking about semantics now, and rather tritely at that?

[Martin v. Löwis]
>> Not at all. This message indicates a lack of understanding of basic
>> principles of XML on the side of the authors of this error message.

[Peter Hansen]
> You missed the point I was trying to make Martin, though perhaps it
> is clear now from other messages.
> Basically, if I tried to write an XML parser, and distributed it as
> such, and you found that it didn't handle this use case, you would
> be somewhat unfair to write an article claiming that my XML parser was
> in fact not an XML parser.  It has a bug in it, that's all.  I'd fix it!

I think that the point Martin is making (and one which I wouldn't dare
disagree with him on ;-) is that the unwillingness to comply 100% with
the XML spec was a *design decision* on behalf of the PyRXP authors,
not a bug.

Choosing to actively ignore parts of a standard eliminates the right
to claim standards-compliance, IMHO. Standards are there for the
express purpose of encouraging interoperability. If a software
designer wants to sacrifice a part of that standard for performance
reasons, or reasons of code complexity, testing difficulty, etc, then
their software is not a complete implementation of the standard, and
should not claim to be so.


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