Async Client with 1K connections?

Bill Scherer Bill.Scherer at
Tue Feb 10 14:50:05 CET 2004


William Chang wrote:

>Before I take the plunge, I'd appreciate any advice on the feasibility
>and degree of difficulty of the following...
>I need extremely efficient and robust _client_ software for some
>common protocols like HTTP and POP3, supporting 1,000 simultaneous
>independent connections 
I've got an httpd stress tool that uses asyncore.  I can run up 1020 
independent simulated clients on my RH9 box(1x3Ghz cpu, 1GB ram), 
driving at over 600 requests per second against a modest (2x1Ghz) 
webserver, just pulling a static page.

>and commensurate network throughput.  
That could vary a lot, couldn't it?

>The data get written to files or sockets, so no GUI needed.
Writing to files could slow you down a lot, depending on how much needs 
to be written, how fast your disks are,  how you go about getting the 
data from the async client to the file, etc..  Much of the same goes for 
sockets, too.

>I am not a Python programmer :-( but I am a "fan" :-) and I have been
>reading about asyncore/Medusa/Twisted -- which would be my best bet?
I should think all can do the job for you, depending on the details 
which you haven't told us.

>Any advantage to using a particular unix/version -- Linux 32/64bit? 
>FreeBSD 4/5? Solaris Sun/Intel?
>If anyone who is expert in this area may be available, please contact
>me at "w c h a n g at a f f i n i dot com".  (I'm in the SF Bay Area.)
>My background is C -- I was the principal author of Infoseek (RIP), 
>including the Python modularization that was the core of Ultraseek aka
>Inktomi Enterprise Search aka Verity.  (For those of you old enough to
>remember!)  Unfortunately, I moved upstairs and never did much Python.
>Thanks in advance,  --William

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