Configuring the serial port

Juan Luis Medina juanlu38 at
Thu Feb 5 17:55:45 CET 2004

Hello all, I am working with Python over Linux since some months ago,
and Im not still very experienced with all this.

I would like to configure the serial port using Python. In order to do
this, I know there are some functions under termios module which allow
me to do it (i.e. termios.tcgetath(fd)), but I dont know how to get
the file descriptor to this 'special' file.

I have tried to get the fd using open('/dev/ttyS1','r') but it doesnt
work out.

Do you know if I am in the right way to do the task? is there
something missing here?

Any post will be of great help, thanks in advance,

Juan Luis Medina

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