C Embedding problem, ImportError

Anand K Rayudu anand at easi.soft.net
Tue Feb 10 14:39:57 CET 2004

hi Tero,

I also faced similar kind of problem on HP & IBM workstations.
This is how i solved.

run python outside & do following.
It gives out the link options required for that platform, just 
re-compile your application with those options.

more information you can find out in python documentation chapter 

  5.6 Linking Requirements

in my downloaded documentation it is at ~/python-docs-2.3/ext/link-reqs.html

>>> import distutils.sysconfig
>>> distutils.sysconfig.get_config_var('LINKFORSHARED')
'-Xlinker -export-dynamic'

Hope this helps!! :-)


Tero Pihlajakoski wrote:

>I'm trying to run some python scripts from a proggy of mine. Most of the
>time it works great, but I seem to be having problems with some
>modules. Here's what I get when I try importing math (applies to all
>.../lib-dynload/ modules, I guess):
>ImportError: /usr/lib/python2.3/lib-dynload/math.so: undefined
>symbol: PyExc_OverflowError
>Executing the same script from command-line works ok. What gives?
>I'm using python 2.3.2, and the file using the python/c is compiled
>gcc -o libabc.lib -shared -fpic lpython2.3 -lm abc.c
>- Tero

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