Unexpected mod-python behaviour.

Simon Wittber drconrad at metaplay.com.au
Wed Feb 4 03:53:31 CET 2004

Greetings fellow Python People!

I am using the latest debian-unstable Apache 1.3 and mod-python 2.7 with
python 2.3.3

Yesterday I wrote a small mod-python script which returned the URL
entered as a XML snippet.

This morning, I created a new directory, and copied this script and
.htaccess file across to a new directory, and changed the program to
return a list of tables and fields in a MySQL table.

I was making good progress, things were working great. Then I hit
refresh (Ctrl-R), _twice_, in Mozilla, and lo-and-behold, I received an
XML snippet of the URL. The program I wrote _yesterday_ appeared to be
running instead of my current work! This is *not* a caching problem, as
I am able type in different URL's and receive the correct XML snippet
back in the browser.

I am not importing modules, I am writing all my code in the handler.py
file, which is pointed at by my .htaccess file, so this is not a module
reloading problem. 

This is extremely bizarre behaviour, and I am unable to track down the
problem. The only solution is to restart apache, which is unacceptable.
What if this happened in a production environment?

Can anyone explain this weirdness?

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