editing a config file

Mathias Waack M.Waack at gmx.de
Tue Feb 17 22:33:39 CET 2004

Mike Zupan wrote:

> I need to edit the value(s) of a config file via a GUI interface.
> I'm trying to use ConfigParser but set() doesn't seem to write.
> Here are my reading and writing functions
> def getConfig(self,value=None):
> config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
> config.readfp(open('config.inf'))
> return config.defaults()[value]
> def setConfig(self, option, value):
> config = ConfigParser.ConfigParser()
> config.readfp(open('config.inf', 'a'))
> config.set("DEFAULT", option, value)
> The values are getting passed ok it just won't set the value to the
> new value i have selected.
> can anyone offer any hints?

Maybe you're simply missing a config.write('config.inf')?


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