Creating Self Extracting Zip using Python

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Wed Feb 18 05:39:53 CET 2004

> Thank Josiah, in fact, which newsgroup should I post

It depends on what operating system you are running on.  Perhaps one of 
the comp.os.* newsgroups would be more topical, or even comp.compression.

The reason this is not the correct newsgroup is because yours was not a 
Python question.  A Python question would be something like, "How do I 
run external programs from within Python?", which would result in 
pointers to os.popen or os.system.  On the other hand, reordering your 
question to make more sense to english speakers (without losing meaning):
"I am using Powerarchiver.  It does not support all of the command-line 
options that I desire.  Can someone point me to a program that creates 
self-extracting archives with better command-line support?"

You'll notice that your question has nothing to do with Python.  It is 
about zip files and executables.

  - Josiah

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