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Michael Hudson mwh at
Thu Feb 26 12:47:07 CET 2004

aahz at (Aahz) writes:

> In article <8ab0589d.0402251718.5b728a3 at>,
> Brett C. <brett at> wrote:
> >Michael Hudson <mwh at> wrote in message news:<m3ishwhdb3.fsf at>...
> >> 
> >> Um, the article as posted to clpy is hasn't been through docutils
> >> yet... if the mere fact of formatting it as reST caused encoding
> >> problems, that would indeed be a mysterious and deep effect.
> >> 
> >> Brett's mail contains a header:
> >> 
> >> X-MIME-Autoconverted: from 8bit to quoted-printable by
> >> 	war.OCF.Berkeley.EDU id i1O1oOqk029956
> >> 
> >> I'd be inclined to blame that.
> >
> >So would I.  =)  Damn it, that is upsetting.  I save the text in UTF-8
> >and reST handles it fine (as Michael points out below, it shows up
> >find in the HTML version).  Aahz has suggested using another SMTP
> >server for sending out the Summary, but that is a pain in the rear.
> <raised eyebrow>  How's it a pain?  Just write a Python script that does
> an scp of the file to creosote, then rsh/ssh to run another Python script
> on creosote that does the mailing.  <evil grin>

Via which SMTP server, exactly?


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  portion of it, programming would be a lot easier.
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