integer overflow

Terry Reedy tjreedy at
Thu Feb 5 21:50:41 CET 2004

"Chad Haynes" <haynesc at> wrote in message
news:_LKdnSsPRbRZ77_dRVn_vQ at
> Michael Hudson wrote:
> > Chad Haynes <haynesc at> writes:
> >> lst[0] = num
> >>
> >>produced this error
> >>
> >> OverflowError: unsigned short is greater than maximum
> >>
> >>The number was around 65536 so it makes sense that it would overflow a
> >>short, but why is it trying to force it into a short integer?
> >
> >
> > Is lst an array.array('h') or something (numarray...)?
> Nope, its just a regular list

Suggestion: open interactive window, type in minimal lines of code needed
to reproduce error, then cut and post entire window, including header that
identifies your particular binary.  Also mention the source of binary (who
compiled, you or someone else).


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