where should config files go in Windows?

Michael Geary Mike at DeleteThis.Geary.com
Fri Feb 6 08:15:30 CET 2004

> >See the MSDN documentation for the various folders which are defined.
> >

> Thank you very much! That's just what I wanted. I'll put preferences
> <AppData>\TUIPrefs, optional user additions in <AppData>\TUIAdditions
> and optional shared additions in <Common_AppData>\TUIAdditions.

I'd like to suggest creating only a single folder under Application Data,
with additional folders inside it for your specific needs. The usual
convention is to create a folder with your company name, then additional
folders inside that for each product, and finally folders inside those for
things like your TUIPrefs and TUIAdditions.

Also, make careful note of the difference between Application Data and Local
Settings\Application Data. On most machines, it doesn't matter which of
those you use. But if someone uses "roaming profiles", then you need to
choose which of those folders to use. Application Data is part of the
roaming profile, and it gets copied from a server when the user logs in, and
back to the server when the user logs out. Local Settings\Application Data
resides strictly on the local machine.


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