software design question

Josiah Carlson jcarlson at
Wed Feb 11 08:47:12 CET 2004

> Moreover, I feel much easier to edit simultaneously 
> three or four buffers than to navigate back and forth on a very long single 
> buffer.

Depending on the features of your editor, going to different locations 
in the current buffer (even offset by many lines) can be arbitrarily 
trivial.  When you have a source tree, you are a double-click away from 
any class/function/method (or even properly-formed comments, depending 
on the editor support).  For those cases when keyboards shortcuts are 
convenient, some editors have per-line bookmarks that allow you to hop 
to often-used code portions very quickly.

I'm sure all of this can be done with Emacs (perhaps even Vim), if you 
know how to do it.

> P.S. once I computed the average lenght of modules in the standard library.
> The result was something like 200 lines.

Sounds like a histogram is in order.  Maybe I'll do it this weekend when 
I have the time.

  - Josiah

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