[Twisted] Sessions validity

Frantisek Fuka fuka at fuxoft.cz
Sat Feb 7 18:10:49 CET 2004

Sorry for posting this here but I got no reaction when asking in 
twisted-web mailing list:

Twisted stores the Session objects using cookies. I'd like to know how 
long these Sessions last (it seems to be 30 minutes?) and - more 
importantly - I'd like my application to be able to set different 
Session timeouts for different users. I need some of the users (just 
some!) to be able not to click on anything on the site for several hours 
and still be logged in afterwards, when they click.

Is there a way to do this cleanly or do I have to change the Twisted 
sources? (I admit I am not very proficient with the cookies)

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