HTTPSConnection Problems

John J. Lee jjl at
Sat Feb 7 01:58:59 CET 2004

ngps at (Ng Pheng Siong) writes:

> According to John Glista <jsplice at>:
> > What I don't understand is why the
> > HTTPSConnection is asking for a private key.  The private key resides
> > on the server; clients do not have access to this.  
> You're talking about the server's key and certificate. There are also
> *client* keys and certificates: A server may demand a client produces a
> certificate and demonstrates possession of the corresponding private key as
> a means of authentication and authorisation.

That's exactly what the key and cert are for in httplib.  There is no
support for server auth.

I got this backwards too, until Martin v. Loewis set me straight.


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