converting base class instance to derived class instance

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[John Roth]

> If you want to do a little bit of deep magic, a factory function can
> create an instance by calling object(), plug in whatever attributes
> it wants and then change the __class__ attribute to whatever class it
> wants before it returns the newly minted instance. It doesn't have
> to go near anything that resembles a constructor (other than calling
> object() to get a new instance, of course.)

Hello, John, and gang! :-)

How one does that?  I'm merely curious.  Using Python 2.3.3, the result
of `object()' does not have a `__dict__', and seemingly may not be given
a `__dict__' either.  See:

[John's answer]
My goof. The correct call is:


where klas is the class object you want
the instance constructed for.

John Roth

François Pinard

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