Python Productivity Gain?

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>>Hm, no, not hex.  This was an IM6100 microprocessor from intersil, a
>>clone of the DEC PDP-8 on one chip.  The 8080 was too expensive for me.
>>Around 1976..., built on a kind of wire wrap board - there were no
>>prefabricated kits at that time.
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> IMSAI actually announced its first product at the end of
> '75 <URL: >
> but I think they were hard to come by.

This has suddenly been crossposted, so I didn't see the earlier

But what's the connection between the IM6100 and the IMSAI?

Intersil made the IM6100, and there were never any major "home
computers" that used the CPU.  There were either very small
hobby outfits, and their names will not come to mind at this point,
or in engineering circles where there was good reason to be able
to put together small controllers that were very much like the PDP-8.

And if IMSAI is brought in for some claim to an early computer, it
came late.  The ALtair 8800 came out in late 1974.


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