Plotting modules

John Hunter jdhunter at
Fri Feb 27 18:15:01 CET 2004

You may want to look at matplotlib -  You can embed it in a number of
GUIs (Wx, GTK and Tk) or use it simply for image generation.  Tk is in
CVS and will be released next week.

  DG> Cross platform (linux and windows) and can build into binary
  DG> form, or easy to install form on linux and windows.

All releases have windows installers.  Easy build on linux (python install)

  DG> Hopefully still maintained (unlike biggles)

Very actively, by yours truly :-)

  DG> Easy to use (like scipy.gplt)

You may want to check out the tutorial, to see if it looks easy for
you -

I use matplotlib in applications that run on windows and linux.  I
haven't tried to package it up into a single all inclusive installer,
eg, py2exe or McMillan, however, so I can't give you any information

John Hunter

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