Is there Multi-media support in Python ?

Thomas Heller theller at
Mon Feb 16 21:28:44 CET 2004

"Will" <wstandley at> writes:

> Is there multi-media support in Python? So I can...
> 1 - play video in all the standard formats... windows & Mac?
> 2 - play flash files
> 3 - Power Point
> 4 - Standard graphic formats
> 5 - Sound in all the standard formats
> 6 - etc
> Please note requirements: And, on video's, flash files, Power Point, Graphic
> files, I need to have those show within my programs "window" along with some
> other text... so I need to be able to size the video and locate it in the
> window... so if the program simply pop's up the Windows Media Player or
> QuickTime or whatever as a separate window... no good... it all needs to be
> integrated into a single window along with text and other stuff...
> If so, is it in the standard release or has someone created a module just
> for multi-media integration?

Well, maybe pygame contains something like this.

OTOH, there's Henk Punt's venster library, which is based on the ctypes
module. (If you use windows you may want to look into ctypes anyway - it
allows to make windows api calls even when they are not wrapped by Mark
Hammond's win32all extensions.)

venster contains samples which embed the internet explorer webbrowser
control in a window, it can has a sample which plays flash files in a
window, and it shows how to embed the windows media player.

You can probably to something similar using the pythonwin application
framework in win32all (oh, wait, the official name is now pywin32) which
is based on a python wrapping of the mfc.


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