Python: GUI Builder

Myles myles at
Thu Feb 26 23:56:56 CET 2004

Hello Anand,

> I am new to python & want to build some GUI dialogs.
> Can some one please suggest some document reference.

On Windows you can use standard resource DLLs, but you 
have to have some experience with Windows programming, 
have another tool for building the resource DLL, and be 
happy with working on the one platform only.

WxPython has Boa, but you have to be willing to deal with 
the multiple message IDs of that style of programming.

Another possibility is wxGlade.

I am biased towards PythonCard, the only one I've used
PythonCard, a layer on top of wxPython, has a nice simple
GUI builder (the Resource Editor), is very easy to use, 
and produces cross-platform code.
Be sure to read the tutorials in the documentation section.

If you have Visual Basic, you can use its GUI builder and 
translate it into PythonCard using vb2py.

SpecPython, (now incorporated into SpecTix), lets you use 
the SpecTcl GUI builder and translate it into Python for 
use with Tkinter.

PAGE is a GUI builder also using the Tix widgets:

PythonWorks Pro (commercial) comes with a GUI builder for

Komodo Pro (commercial) comes with a GUI builder (Tkinter, I think)

Tkinter coding (without a GUI builder) can be simplified by such tools 
as tVector.

Some of the Qt toolkits have GUI builders (commercial), but 
there is a potential licensing issue for Windows programs.

> I am hoping that standard python install will have some GUI development 
> modules & GUI builder in built.

No. Python is fairly GUI-agnostic - although Tkinter is included with 
the standard installer on some platforms, a GUI builder is not.
However, as evinced by the list above, it plays nicely with a number
GUI toolkits and GUI builders.

Regards, Myles.

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