Please hear my plea: print without softspace

Martin Bless mb at
Sat Feb 28 12:56:55 CET 2004

Why can't we have an additional 'print' statement, that behaves
exactly like 'print' but doesn't insert that damn blank between two

Could be called 'printn' or 'prin1' or 'prinn' anything similar you

Would make my life so much easier. Often I start with a nice and short
print statement, then there happen to be more arguments and neat
formatting becomes more important and as a result I find myself
rewriting the code over and over again just to cope with those blanks
I'm forced to take into account.

Coding would be easier: If there are more arguments to print, it's
just the argument list that grows. If you need a blank then add one.
But you don't have to rewrite your arguments into expressions which
can be tedious and isn't efficient anyway if its an extra operation
just to get rid of those blanks.

What do you think?


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