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Jarek Zgoda jzgoda at gazeta.usun.pl
Mon Feb 2 20:32:51 CET 2004

Ronald Oussoren <oussoren at cistron.nl> pisze:

>> If C++ docs are "easy" to convert in your head to Python.
>> It does help if YOU KNOW how to program C++ first.
>> So much for learning Python as a first computer language!
>> And if you have to learn C++ first, then why do you need Python?
>> Why do all programmers seem to think good documention is optional?
>> Or an exercise left to the reader?
> Another reason why wxPython has no seperate documentation is probably 
> that "translating" the C++ oriented documentation is a major effort 
> (there is a lot of documentation) and there is only a small team 
> working on wxPython. Because the existing documentation is usuable 
> enough it is understandable that they choose to work on improving 
> wxPython instead of translating the existing documentation.
> The same issue can be seen with wrappers for other large libraries.

The very same issue with PyQt (X11 free edition) didn't surprise me.
Additionally, wxWindows documentation has some wxPython remarks (such as
in case of overloaded methods), which Qt documentation lacks. But this
is fine for me, I can live with that.

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