Python vs. Io

Daniel Ehrenberg LittleDanEhren at
Tue Feb 3 02:29:13 CET 2004

> I think the point is, why on earth would you want to do something like
> that?  If you want a language you can use to make programs that make
> no sense to anyone but the author, Perl should be more than sufficient
> for your needs.

Nobody uses Perl because they like its illegibility, they think (for
some reason) that it's more powerful.
As for the flexibility of Io, there's a big difference between
flexibility and illegibility. Whenever a new, more powerful
programming language comes out, everybody says it's too flexible.
Fortran people were saying that about C, C people were saying it about
C++ and Java, and C++ and Java people are still saying it about
Python. Dynamic typing? That's so error-prone, they say. Flexible
block syntax? Code is "illegible", you say.

Daniel Ehrenberg

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