psycopg NULL

Lee Harr missive at
Wed Feb 18 17:31:09 CET 2004

When I am retrieving rows using psycopg, a NULL value
from the database will be translated to python None.

What I cannot figure out is how to insert a NULL.

import psycopg

DSN = 'dbname=test6 user=auth1'
conn = psycopg.connect(DSN)
curs = conn.cursor()

curs.execute('CREATE TABLE foo (i integer)')

# These all work
curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%s)' % 5)
curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%i)' % 4)
curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%d)' % 3)

# None of these work ...
#curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%s)' % None)
#curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%d)' % None)
#curs.execute('INSERT INTO foo (i) VALUES (%i)' % None)

# If I insert NULL some other way, this works
curs.execute('SELECT * FROM foo')
rows = curs.fetchall()
for row in rows:
    if row[0] is None:
        print 'None!'

Any suggestions?

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