software design question

Uwe Mayer merkosh at
Wed Feb 11 09:41:56 CET 2004

Josiah Carlson wrote:

>> What IDE /Editor do you use? I currently use Emacs and I find it very
>> hard to skip back and forth between methods and functions in larger
>> files.
> I would imagine he uses his own editor:
> I also don't have any issues editing 1-3k line files using my own
> editor: (PyPE itself is ~3900 lines).

I did some browsing and found another, quite nice one:

For small programs its the total overkill. It may be more usefull if you're
developing graphical programs, since it supports compiling Qt .ui files,
got some menubar entries for Qt Reference Manual, QLinguist,
QXXXDialog-Wizards, etc. (if you happen to like that sort of editor).

Nice features I found include:
- Unittest support (i.e. for rapid prototyping)
- refactoring tools

> I believe the major difference, at least in terms of scalability, has to
> do with the existance of a browsable source tree (aka a class browser).
>   It has helped me significantly.

What I am missing includes:
- browsable source tree :(
- Emacs's comment-box
- Emacs keyboard shortcuts      

If there anybody knows some other nice Editors you know, I'd like to know
about them.


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