Python scripts in IIS

Scott F sdfATexpertuneDOTcom
Tue Feb 24 15:19:20 CET 2004

"Jon Cosby" <jcosby at> wrote in
news:aHv_b.6560$aT1.3079 at 

> Sorry. It's in the browser window. The script does not execute. I
> have "Show friendly http error messages" set to false in Internet
> Explorer. As it happens on all of the scripts, I can't single out
> one command. I have ActiveState's build of Python 2.3, and don't
> recall running into this previously, but there might be something
> in the IIS configuration I'm overlooking.

Go to the Properties of the (Default) Web site, Home Directory tab, 
Configuration button.  On the Mappings tab, add a mapping for Python in 
the form

<pathtopython>\python.exe %s %s

Use your actual pathtopython and don't substitute anything for %s %s.

Should work fine.


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