Parsing library for Python?

M.-A. Lemburg mal at
Mon Feb 23 23:53:37 CET 2004

Harry George wrote:
> Viktor Rosenfeld <rosenfel at> writes:
>>I need to create a parser for a Python project, and I'd like to use process
>>kinda like lex/yacc.  I've looked at various parsing packages online, but
>>didn't find anything useful for me:
>>- PyLR seems promising but is for Python 1.5
>>- Yappy seems promising, but I couldn't get it to work.  It doesn't even
>>compile the main example in it's documentation
>>- mxTexttools is way complicated.  I'd like something that I can give a BNF
>>grammar to handle.
>>Is there a good parsing module for python that I missed?

You should have a look at SimpleParse which converts BNF to
the tag tables used by mxTextTools:

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