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Tue Feb 24 18:22:04 CET 2004

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Josiah Carlson  <jcarlson at> wrote:
>> The target audience here is an experience programmer that doesn't know
>> Python at all. So I didn't want to assume they knew about indenting,
>> or how lists work, etc.
>In general, not just the Python description, but the three language 
>descriptions I read (Python, Perl, C), all sounded like they were going 
>to be given to a CEO who knew how to use formulas in Excel, not to 
>anyone with real programming experience.
>Each version felt very much like you were holding someone's hand. 
>Moosebumps made a good suggestion to offer a short program, and describe 
>it as you go along.  In languages where you can insert a comment 
>virtually anywhere, you could document the code, describing the syntax 
>and features of the languages as you go along.  For those additional 
>language features (like lists, tuples, dicts, etc. in Python, and other 
>in other languages), having a section at the end describing the basic 
>(and advanced) data structures available to the language, seems to make 
>sense to me.
>  - Josiah

Me, too.  Josiah hits it just right.

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