__del__ doesn't work

Aahz aahz at pythoncraft.com
Sun Feb 15 22:07:59 CET 2004

In article <21064255.0402151141.51a38fed at posting.google.com>,
Peter Abel <PeterAbel at gmx.net> wrote:
>I have an application, which is an instance of a class with a deeply
>nested object hierarchy. Among others one method will be executed as a
>thread, which can be stopped.  Everything works fine except that when
>deleting the main instance - after the thread has been stopped - the
>__del__ method will not be carried out.

It's almost certainly the case that you've still got a reference to that
instance somewhere.  Try holding a binding to the instance; if
sys.getrefcount() returns >2, you know there's some other binding in
existence that you need to track down.
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