How does Ruby compare to Python?? How good is DESIGN of Ruby compared to Python?

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>Ruby code is liberally sprinkled with @-signs, which tends to
>make it look slightly Perl-ish. But again that's a surface
>issue, and Ruby is really no more like Perl than Python is.
While I'm all in favor of distinguishing superficial from
fundamental characteristics, I think the last sentence 
above is misleading.  Ruby is a direct descendant from 
Perl, I'm sure; I thought I had the word from Matz himself
that he deliberately modeled a great deal of Ruby on Perl
(and Smalltalk, of course).  Although I can't find the
passage now, I'm confident enough to repeat it here.  If
necessary, I expect we can confirm the language's parentage.

If you're saying that good Ruby style often differs from 
good Perl 5 style, I heartily agree.

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