like mod_python but in the kernel????

Camilo Olarte colarte at
Thu Feb 5 16:48:00 CET 2004

Hi list, 

I was wondering : 

If python cgi scripts can be acceletaded by means of mod_python in apache
(loading the python interpreter on apache)  , then : ?Is there a way of doing
the same but with linux kernel...  and command line scripts ?

I mean can python interpreter be loaded as module of the kernel and thus making
execution of python scripts faster ???

Is there something perverse in this way of thinking????

I know that pypy is on the way , probably making python execution faster.

Just daydreaming of this python kernel module stuff.

NOTE: I have no problem with actual python speed. It's just that mod_python
stuff calls my attention because it icrements the speed of execution of a cgi
script from 4 Requests/second to aprox 140 Requests/second.

Camilo Olarte

Telesat, más fácil...más Internet.

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