tkinter test field, scrolling, threads

Bob Greschke bob at
Fri Feb 27 23:50:44 CET 2004

I have a program where the user pushes a button, a "starting" message is
.inserted to a text field with an associated scroll bar, a thread is started
that inserts a "working..." message on to the end of the text field until
stopped, or until the loop finishes.  The loop sleeps for about 3 seconds
every time through (I'm just prototyping at this point).  The mainloop just
waits for the user to hit the same button again which will set a flag and
cause the thread to terminate early, otherwise it doesn't have anything to
do.  update()'s and update_idle_tasks() get called anytime anything is
written to the text field.  Everything works fine until the text field fills
up then the program just freezes with no errors on the console window.  If I
change the starting of a thread to a regular function call then everything
works fine.

What is going wrong?


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