Python Productivity Gain?

Harry George at
Wed Feb 18 10:02:56 CET 2004

Paul Prescod <paul at> writes:

> Harry George wrote:
> > ... Of course, even in the natural history phase pioneers and advance
> > scouts are capable of detecting an easier pass through the mountains
> > of comlexity.  If 20 people from varied background, each of whom has
> > worked in several languages, tell me that Python is a really great
> > language, then I'll take that as a significant data point.  Especially
> > if they are dumping their previously favorite languages (as varied as
> > COBOL, Perl, Java, C++, VB, Modula-3, Lisp, Prolog) to focus on
> > Python.
> It would be easy to find 20 such people but it would be easy to find
> 20 such people for almost any language. I think that the PERCENTAGE of
> people who are happy with Python and would gladly stick with it for a
> few years is higher than with most other languages but if you're just
> looking for 20 fanboys you can certainly find them for any modern
> language.
>   Paul Prescod

I should have phrased this as: If there are 20 people you know who
have varied programming backgrounds, and they *all* are excited by
Python within 2 weeks of meeting it, then that is a significant data

That's what is happening here.  Assorted FORTRAN, COBOL, C/C++. VB,
Perl, Lisp, Prolog, and Java programmers.  Basically the same reaction
from each one.

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