where does Python stand?

Ben crescent_au at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 6 04:30:42 CET 2004

Thanks for replies guys!!

I still need to ask something... Let me be more specific. I wanna
create a web page where I want to put photos taken by me... There are
lots of them. I also want to include a search capability in my web
page for users to search my photos by name (topic)... For this, I
would like to use a database which includes the location of my photos
on the server along with names and sizes... I would also like to make
it easier for me to add more photos in the future with ease. Also if
possible, try to generate html pages on the fly as I upload photos on
the server. In other words, I wanna make my web design efficient with
least amount of manual work. Well, this is pretty much the scenario.

What do you think would be a best design technique that I should
follow? I know Dreamweaver, Python, Java, JavaScript, CGI using
python, C, C++... What programming languages do I need to learn in
order to accomplish my task? If I need to choose between ASP and JSP,
I'd rather go for JSP cause it'll be easier for me to migrate as I
don't know much about VB, Jscript and C#. What are some of your

Someone mentioned Zope. Is it similar to ASP, PHP or JSP? Is it a
Pythonic version of ASP, JSP?

I'm kind of lost... There are too many of these acronyms in the
market.. Need some directions..

Thanx a lot!

llothar at web.de (Lothar Scholz) wrote in message news:<6ee58e07.0402051148.25add90e at posting.google.com>...
> crescent_au at yahoo.com (Ben) wrote in message news:<d99e1341.0402050505.226a01c8 at posting.google.com>...
> > Hi all!
> > 
> > I learned Python as part of my university coursework... I enjoyed it.
> > Now I'm just wondering how Python compares with asp, jsp, php and what
> > not?? I don't have slightest knowledge about these languages... Are
> > they more advanced than Python? Can Python be integrated with
> > Dreamweaver?
> > 
> They are different and so a comparision does not make sense.
> You want a comparison about web frameworks/templates like Cheeta,
> Python Server Pages, Draco Server Pages, Sypce or whatever is out
> there right ?

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