xml getElementsByTagName w/o recursion?

Bill Rubenstein wsr2 at swbell.net
Wed Feb 11 15:04:47 CET 2004

In article <ab4c5633.0402110336.4d786ff6 at posting.google.com>, sdahlbac at abo.fi 
> Hello,
> this is perhaps not directly a python question, but how do I get a
> direct child element without going down the tree and possibly find
> another element with the same name there?
> <foo>
>  <bar>
>   <name>This is the interesting part</name>
>   <baz>
>    <something>...</something>
>    <name>this is what I DO NOT want</nameA
>   </baz>
>  </bar>
> </foo>
> I am using xml.dom.minidom and I was thinking along the line of
> ...
> fooNode.childNodes.getNamedNode("name")
> ...
> but that doesn't work..
> is the only solution to write an own helper function that iterates the
> child nodes and get the correct one?
> /Simon
You need to loop through the children of the node and build a list of the nodes 
of interest.

Bill R

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