Python Productivity Gain?

Dave Brueck dave at
Tue Feb 17 21:34:03 CET 2004

kbass wrote:
> IMHO, the overall productivity gain of any programming language comes from
> the programmers that are programming in the language. Productivity gain
> comes from individuals and is not language based.

Really? As in, you'll be just as productive programming in pure assembly as you
would in Python?

I'd go the complete other direction and say that a lot of productivity gains
_can_ come from the programmer (talent/aptitude, etc), but a huge amount of it
can come from the language itself (likewise, the language itself can be a huge
productivity loss).

Consider, for example, how powerful it is to have a builtin mapping type
(Python's dictionary) or all the list functionality. I don't care if you're the
world's greatest BASIC programmer, odds are that even a novice Pythonista can
run circles around you if you are both tasked with solving a problem to which
dictionaries or lists are well-suited.


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