cPickle and HIGHEST_PROTOCOL problems

Tim Peters tim.one at comcast.net
Tue Feb 24 16:00:06 CET 2004

[Simon Dahlbacka]
> I'm trying to cache some information using cPickle
> and I thought that using cPickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL would give me an
> efficient representation.
> However,
> when trying to load the information back I just keep getting a broken
> pickle with EOF error from cPicle.load(file('myfile.pickle','r'))

Change that 'rb'.  Also make sure that the file you write the pickle to is
opened with 'wb'.

> if I am not using cPickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL  or -1 or 2 it seems to
> work nicely, is this a bug or something else?  (python 2.3.2 on winxp)

Windows distinguishes between text-mode and binary-mode files.  Pickles are
binary data, so files containing pickles must always be opened (for both
writing and reading) in binary mode.  "Mysterious errors" are expected if
you don't.

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