How to slice range of array along a (a-priori unknown) axis?

Maarten van Reeuwijk maarten at
Wed Feb 4 15:35:33 CET 2004


I am using the Numeric package, and I need to strip edge cells off an array
(dimension unknown) in an a-priori unknown direction. I implented this as

def el_remove_bcells(var, axis):
   """ elementary routine to strip the edge cells of an array for the given

   if axis == 0:
      return var[1:-1]
   if axis == 1:
      return var[:, 1:-1]
      return var[:, :,1:-1]

But this only works for at most 3D arrays. It must be possible to program
this fragment without the ifs, for arrays of arbitrary dimension. Is there
a command in the Numerical package I can use for this? It is very important
that this method is very fast, as my arrays normally are in the order of
100 Mb. 

TIA, Maarten

Maarten van Reeuwijk                    Thermal and Fluids Sciences
Phd student                             dept. of Multiscale Physics                 Delft University of Technology

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