my notes for playing DVDs on VIA C3 system (Freevo/MPlayer)

дамјан г. mk at net.mail.penguinista
Wed Feb 18 14:08:52 CET 2004

> There's a version of Xine in the works that takes advantage of
> the hardware MPEG decoder on this VIA miniITX system I'm using,
> but for now MPlayer with VESA output is dandy.  I fired up Freevo
> and was pleased to see it find the DVD in the "Watch movies"
> section.  I selected it and got MPlayer with (slow) X11 output.
> No problem, right?  Digging through some source, I decided to add
> MPLAYER_AO_DEV       = 'oss'
> MPLAYER_VO_DEV       = 'vesa'
> to my configuration.  Now when I started DVD playback, I got a
> fraction of a second of sound and then MPlayer died, returning me
> to Freevo.

Probably you were trying to start Mplayer to use the framebuffer while X11
is running (does Freevo use X11) .. that should not work...

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