Some language proposals.

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Wed Feb 25 09:47:39 CET 2004

Op 2004-02-24, Anton Vredegoor schreef <anton at>:
> Antoon Pardon <apardon at> wrote:
>> [ ... ]

>>What do people think about this?
>>As far as I know the proposal doesn't break existing
>>code and seems in the spirit of python.
> I don't see much merit in this, since functions are designed to go out
> of scope once they are executed. Having sub-scopes change names higher
> up is considered a no-no in Python,

I don't understand why. It already is possible with global variables.
I don't see much difference between a function changing a higher up
variable that is global or just in between.

>>On a side note, what would people think about the idea of
>>a from ... import ... statement usable on any object? So
>>that we could do:
>>class A:
>>  pass
>>A.a = ...
>>A.b = ...
>>from A import a, b
>># from here a and be refer to A.a and A.b
> This raises the question of why not to use a class to begin with even
> for your earlier proposals. Anyway, this can be accomplished easily
> with:
>   a,b = A.a,A.b

Well maybe my wording was off, but this doesn't accomplisch what I
want since after your statement followed by: a = new_value; A.a will
not be changed.

Antoon Pardon

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